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The moon’s bright light guided us but occasionally covered by clouds giving a faint light that we can’t fully appreciate the view, we only comforted ourselves with those pictures on Eatery’s walls and besides we’re full so we really need to do some walking before another long hour drive. As we walk toward an open area a group of people just came in from behind us with car slowing. My GF found me so serious and persnickety that my wrinkled forehead formed a unibrow. This is me being wary of my surroundings full of strangers, I pulled her toward a well lit electric post so we can see whoever we come across.

My GF is about to say something when she smiled recognizing one of the lady alighting from car. She waved at them and pulled me toward two well dress ladies as the other hopped out of the car in blazer and slack pants accented with a wide smile like they were in an off boardroom meeting.  My GF was so excited as the one who got out first recognized her. She happen to be an assistant of the public servant. There was a brief introduction and we get along and they chatted.

“How extraordinary, it’s not everyday that you meet beautiful people in an unlikely place and ungodly hour. Perhaps you should follow our lead. The festival is a long drive from here, we’ll be dropping for some rest at a vacation house along the way, you can stay and join us there. ” the public servant said in a motherly affection and muttered something to her assistant and both giggled and we smiled in agreement.

“Thank you so much for your kindness” I said

“It’s ok, now we should go before anyone suspects us of smuggling moonshine” she said giggling and gesturing everyone to get back to car. We said our brief goodbye to the group and the van driver we hired and hopped to another car pool.

The car on lead crosses the bridge which is three tiers on continuous arches made of stone. We chew on a scenery and marvel the massive structure and the lake reflecting the moon is a sight to behold.

The cool night breeze whipped through the open car window. The car’s peaceful humming felt like she was swinging by the farm. The air suddenly filled with a soothing aroma. We saw line of of plants bathe in the moonlight, it must be flowering plants as we can tell from the pleasant smell cuddling us. Rows of plants and electric posts were endless as we passed. GF felt hypnotized by the alternating plants and posts passing her eyes till her eyelids got heavy and closed just as we ascent the hillside road.

The moonlight ushered us to a vastness of flower farm; it’s ambiance incited a melodramatic in me. A dreamy place every ponderous creature wanted to be in and that I wanted to go out but couldn’t.

“Look,look ” I called for her attention as she was awkwardly sitting, eyes closed. I thought Bonamine is taking over and she’s very tired. I smiled remembering she called rice field as breathtaking, I wonder what would it be then since this farm is accented with an aromatic air. “It’s more than breathtaking.” We sped up descending  with regrets not having the luxury of indulging the scenery. A pang of guilt struck me not waking her up but she would consider it understandable, and she moaned with her eyes still closed.

I think she’s doing it again, she’s moaning like fever delirius or something when she’s tired and so sleepy. So, i decided to tell her a story. “hold my hand……..we’ll be swinging forever…….” i said to her and held her hand. I locked securing the door for she might reach for it not knowing the danger. I checked her neck and forehead for fever but she’s in perfect health; she held my hand caressing her face and held it tenderly. She’s breathing hot that didn’t escape my hand. I let her sleep in my shoulder and continue my story as i didn’t want her to miss a thing. “It’s not everyday that you have field of flowers around you. We walk between rows of sunflower while holding each other’s hand. You’re picking one and smell it, it doesn’t have a smell though. ‘How lovely are these flowers? you said giggling and letting go of my hand; prancing and swaying away from me like a ballerina. “Look, there’s a shade, a lone tree. Come on, keep up with me”. I was annoyed at the irksome pitch of the urgency but seeing you happy with the dewy sunflower sparkling against the moonlight; i am happy.

The wind swooshed through the field, plants swayed and sparkling with dew drops. It’s bewitching like fairies or unseen dwellers tended it. “Enchanting isn’t it? I want to be here forever with you” We run toward the tree but i am perplex and not wanting to reach the tree anymore for something bad might happen.

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