Venetian Masquerade – An Asian Psycho Story

Previously……………………….. Later Sonia walked toward them.  “They’re gone off the ship. It’s safe to stay in the cabin. You two may take a rest” Said Sonia handing them the key. “Tomorrow at the break of dawn when everyone is aboard we’ll sail off toward Milan.” She yawned leaving.  A loud blow of ship’s horn hadContinue reading “Venetian Masquerade – An Asian Psycho Story”

The Masquerade- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously………….. “What? That’s not what I saw in her the last time?” Said Rigor referring to the red fluttery mask she’s wearing while she wiped the oddly red colored teardrop on his face. “What is it?” Asked Rigor while she wiped the oddly red colored teardrop on his face. “Nothing, your tremendous realization surprised me.”Continue reading “The Masquerade- An Asian Psycho Story”

The Ritz Carlton- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………… Running faster they could still smell the sulfur. By the time the hooded evil be solid as coal, they assume they will be inside walls of Carlton Hotel hulking ahead which seemed to be safe with its brightly lit grand atrium crowded with happy people dancing in pairs. Nevertheless, he got his flail wheneverContinue reading “The Ritz Carlton- An Asian Psycho Story”

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