Nip and Tuck- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously..……….. The Fixer’s Club was full as usual, Rigor and Daniela approached the massive black bartender tossing concoction of drinks for the blonde couple who both went back to their table once it’s done. “Hello, Absinthe for two.” said Daniela gleefully to the ever enthusiastic bartender. “I assume you’re the fixer’s assistant, where is he?Continue reading “Nip and Tuck- An Asian Psycho Story”

What Lies Beneath? The Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………………………. Rigor and Dana found their apartment along Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. They were greeted by a doorman excitedly summoning them to his table where a bowl of rolled paper perched on a fortune tree among other Chinese ornaments for good luck. The doorman then let Rigor and Daniela took one which they assumed it toContinue reading “What Lies Beneath? The Asian Psycho Story”

The Arabian Oud Effect

Previously…………… Ayala Center Makati was bustling even at the ungodly hour, Rigor and Daniela arrived early among other models. Daniela wore casual jeans and body hugging shirt while Rigor looked more of a front row regular than a model’s guest in his heavily brocaded dark blue caftan. He was holding a long golden cane forContinue reading “The Arabian Oud Effect”

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