Ezekiel’s Vision- Isolation- An Asian Psycho Story


On a fine sunny Middle East morn, the procession ended and the ritual meant to complete immortality has started. Lost souls displaced from tragedies, scribes and be winged doppelgangers descent from the sky to the red Saqqaran Desert while Daniela ascent to the apex where Ra and the Council waited.
Papemir led the scribes on carrying Rigor down to the dungeons of elementa palace where his flesh convalescing and waiting to be repossessed. Osiris bestowed power to Papemir on reviving Rigor’s soul back to life while the other scribes followed Anubis to the dungeons of Saqqaran Desert where hundreds of thousands flesh were ready to embody the doppelgangers- their souls.
In Isis’s world, lost souls gathered witnessing the magic of scribes as they were guided back repossessing their flesh. Lost souls being cleared, no longer a doppelganger easily slid through cleared brain of their flesh which doppelgangers harbored for many years and took turned lying on the frozen lazuli stalactites for clearing and rejuvenation. Lost souls submissively undergo the ritual supposedly strange to them but they were credulous to it seeing flesh coming to life.
‘We, the scribes decided not to repossess our flesh back. We commit ourselves for all the eternity to the Council. We commit ourselves to guide every immortal to the right path. All we want from the beginning is to tell the vision and seeing it now strengthen our faith.
‘Ra’s Kingdom has come!!!1 His sun shone the brightest on the Middle East land and throughout the Earth. Life was back in the elementa palace as everyone started rebuilding. The Queen was set to resume her reign once and again. Restoration of the whole Kingdom was as easy for everyone was an immortal. Rigor quietly observed from his open air veranda all the flying entities happily roaming around. The Queen intrudes his privacy. Rigor knew how much she missed him.
“Look, what you have done to your feathers? My Queen. It’s wonderful!! You look totally apart!!” said Rigor who obviously faked his enthusiasm.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

“Does it make me excluded from the aviary? Well, too many choices, I decided peacock described me best. But you’re hiding something; I can see it on your eyes.” Said the Queen gracefully fanning her flamboyant tail and held out a parchment from her silky gown.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to but I got it from Daniela’s pocket before I went to Boracay. I guess this would help.” Said the Queen adjusting her frill looking on the mirror in excuse of not looking at him. “You know how it is being a Dianetics auditor.” She said in case he protests. Rigor read it.

My King,
Are you ready to try a new fragrance?
You know I’m keen to please you
In everything I choose for you
The new scent I’ve found for you sets the
Mood for romance and pleasure
For us to try at our leisure
Love infinite which knows no measure

“Where is she?” asked Rigor half expecting to see her, physically.
“I’m sorry, when I went back to Manila; she’s gone from the room where I had safely kept her. Her disappearance is a miracle or mystery but everyone knew her soul was with Ra and the Council. Perhaps the letter would help where to as she intended to give you that. Go on my son, I know what you want, you wanted her.” Said the Queen naughtily teasing him and suddenly remembered something which bothered her. “Anyway, do you know something about the tree? I found from her laptop’s cache many rendition of the art about tree. There are white trees which hung huge cocoons; a half tree- half man portrait of Luther Burbank; and a lone tree shown twice- one amidst the field of flowers on sunset conveying serenity while the other amidst the wilderness on full moon conveying chaos thus the volcanic eruption. Trees are shown many times on her photo or art collections and yet I don’t know what it meant to her. And why she kept it on a cache?” asked the Queen though certain enough all had something to do with the quest. She remembered those chaotic time she herself was cut off of information from the scribes. Rigor however felt it’s alright to tell her then for the quest was over.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“O, the white tree is the Council’s Promesse tree which cradle Middle Eastern’s convalescing flesh back to life thus the half tree- half man. The tree represents us.” Said Rigor raising his eyebrows repeatedly in confirmation and he smiled at his mother’s amazement of how they managed keeping it from her. “It’s no longer a secret.”
“O, I’m sorry my son………. I just wanted to help, that’s why I keep twigging the information on hand. And thank you, it’s clear now.” Said the Queen ashamed of her being inquisitive at Daniela and his private lives thus searching on Daniela’s laptop and notes.
“It’s alright, now that you have what bothered you, but I know what you really want, and you need not exert any effort of finding it, the love comes to you.” Said Rigor looking at her eyes and came close hugging her.
“O my son, I miss you so much…….. I’m sorry for everything………….” She said sobbing as Rigor wiped her tears and covered her eyes with his wings and let her turned around. She’s thrilled seeing the King but couldn’t move.
“See, I definitely knew what you want, go on you are vindicated.” Said Rigor winking to his father. The Queen wiped her tears and joined kissing the King. They almost forgot to breathe so that when Rigor cleared his throat, they stopped and face their son.
“Thank you my son.” She said catching her breath. “Anyway, I have all Daniela’s things in your room. I thought you might need it as there’s no one to claim it. I can’t find Katu and Dohera but they’ll sure come dropping by. I know there’s something you need to look up. Does the piece of paper help?” asked the Queen who felt transported back on a cloud- cuckoo land hugging the King.

“She has something for me.” Said Rigor hopeful to find what Daniela called the infinite love they are to share.
“It helps then, go now my son and you’ll find what you want.” Said the Queen hugging her son one more time and Rigor hugged them back and walked away toward one of the secret passage on the column down to the dungeon, though a passage no longer a secret, they did not revised the palace’s plan upon its reconstruction for there is a greater power guarding it now. The power of love to one another. The power which Rigor then seek.

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