Ezekiel’s Vision – An Asian Psycho Story

He rummaged through Daniela’s things at his room in the dungeon of the palace. The flail which he had given to her when he no longer needed when he was cleared. It was Daniela’s being uncleared and safety against Abaddon was the reason of giving her the flail. He realized then how fool he was thinking Daniela might be tempted of going back to the Delta- the Flatiron. He thought with the flail on holster around her waist always will somehow help her on her way to be clear . He then admired Daniela’s strategy of not getting cleared but joined Abaddon and studied the enemy up close being one of them. The laptop which they had in tow together with life’s lesson. It reminded him of Bjorn whom Daniela refused to kill during the Milan Fashion Week recalling her said. ‘It’s our loss if we kill her.’ Daniela indeed saw order upon zooming out from the chaotic vastness of stars in the sky. It turned out; it was her who taught him a lesson. Then he opened a Prada luggage- full of spring collection from her shopping spree. Next to it was a vanity kit full of samples from her various trips- complimentary scents from Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cannes, make up kits from Milan and sample vials from Macy’s New York.
The briefcase was soaked in Bvlgari BLV, that it forever smells the gingery powder; a tinged of lavender wafted the air. Rigor was right as he found a bunch of dried lavender blooms on a zipped compartment. A field of lavender at the Haute Provence flashed back to him.
Kept hidden was a small box wrapped nicely in a recyclable paper. Rigor opened it up to see a Jean Paul Gaultier’s bottled perfume. Two bottles joined as one by a magnet. He separated it and a thin sheet of paper and copper-like dog tag slipped out. He read the paper.

                                   Gaultier 2- Love Code
                 I like Gaultier's new perfume
                 Why not? It whispers to me
                 And why not indeed since in this
                 New world anything
                 That can be imagined can be made a reality?
                 Yes, it's the power of two.
                 One love
                 United forever

                 I WANT YOU
Gaultier 2 love code (with dog tag)

He snapped the pre- divided dog tag from the bottle. It comes with a chain so he wears it. He tried the scent on his wrist and sweet smells filled the air. It reminded him of his childhood days devouring on dates. He undo the yarn tied on a bunch of lavender and tied it to two dog tags and wear them both. He examined the dog tags with its graphics but of no help. Then the bottle, ‘made in France!!! That’s it!!! The South of France!!!’. He excitedly kept all Daniela’s things under his bed and went up to their open air veranda, the rooftop. No one was there except for the flying Middle Easterns building nth obelisk all over Middle East for perching. He ran, spread his wings and took off the palace.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

He flew northeast across the Mediterranean Sea longing to see Daniela in a Corsican soil where Immortelle grow. He flapped in great speed imagining Daniela in a field of Immortelle waiting for him; to kiss her once again just like what he did giving her the shared life force. They’ll share the infinite love they have for each other and through it Daniela will come back to life. He never felt weary no matter how long the journey was, so long they’ll be reunited. Being a nomad pursuing the quest then was no different from a migratory bird that he is now. He felt the irony of how their quest going to end on where they had started together. More ironic was that he has to face it alone. He dismissed the idea but memories kept coming back to him the first time they sat foot to the South of France. They’re always running from something fearful which their mind created; a manifested monster Abaddon. Looking back, he just laughed at how stupid they were allowing themselves enslaved by the dregs in their mind. Nevertheless, it would be difficult a quest without Daniela.
Time and distance go shorter as his velocity increased that he then saw below the Corsican soil enswathed with Immortelle blooms and line with race tracks. He stopped flapping and glide, then closed it and sent his body plummeting down fast. He landed nesting on blooms and ran excitedly around the field expecting to see Daniela lying lovely just like in the clouds. He knew he had search onto the whole field but there’s no sign of her. He craned his neck, turned his head more often and hover the field but there was no Daniela. Again, he felt lonely sitting into a rock along the cliff facing the sea. The lonesome sea however brought nostalgia which he didn’t want at a time being that he tend to look over sea and mainland France came to mind. He stood sitting his feet sturdy into the rock, spread his wings and took off toppling rocks down to the cliff while he went up and up. He was seeing the alpine mountain ranges majestically lording above the land. The charm of Alpes de Haute Provence was unforgettable it automatically registered to his mind. The serene beauty of lavender field and its aroma brought back joyous memories together with Daniela. This was where they first confessed their love for each other, though indirectly it forever stayed in his ears carried by the lovely aroma of lavender toward his nostrils and the warm air still kissed his nape and the rustling of tree calmed his heart. ‘Yes! The lone tree amidst the lavender field!!!!’ his mind shout as his flapping gone wild and shoot himself down, sure of finding Daniela down the lone tree amidst the lavender field near Poumousson, Alpes de Haute Provence. He landed on the tree which still was lone but withering.

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Noticeably was the lovely immortelle blooms growing epiphyte on the tree trunk. Around the bloom were shimmering gold dust protected by an enclose sphere or halo. Rigor knelt and tears flowed feeling good for Daniela having chosen the tree as place to live in. However he felt bad he will forever be missing her. The manifestation of Immortelle showed the Council had hailed her a New Aeon. He still was grateful for the Council and Ra having revealed to him the supposed secret proclamation of the New Aeon. He also thought that maybe the Council will proclaim him a patriarchal Aeon but assessing what Daniela had done, he couldn’t outdo it and she surely deserved to be a New Aeon and that he was happy for the quest’s success. They reached the nirvana and that’s enough for him.
Standing and looking up to the still shimmering epiphyte Immortelle, he felt fortunate having known the nature of the New Aeon. No longer a half man- half animal but nature’s loveliest- a flowering plant. He reached for it by his two hands; it was in a spherical glass, fragile as the flower inside. He longed to hold the flower floating inside but the glass guarded it. He closed his eyes and kissed the glass instead. He felt the warmth of Daniela’s lips that he didn’t let go kissing the glass until he heard a ticking. Still holding a glass, the flower inside slowly rotated as it grew foliage and buds, then the glass started to have nicks spidering rapidly around and broke vanishing from his hands while the Immortelle grew wildly surrounded by a golden dust which swirled removing petals, leaves and stems. The swirling grew taller than he was and eventually the tree, then it slowed aggregating plant’s parts into something of different species. ‘A tree maybe.’ Thought Rigor who didn’t step back or move forward. His eyes full of awe to what he assumed a tree trunk slowly forming from a mass of Immortelle parts. To his surprised, the trunk dendrified a branch like arms, huge roots sprout and split in two as legs. Training his eyes back up expecting to see a head but a huge Immortelle buds bloomed. The swirling of golden dust stopped and the supposedly tree trunk was actually a stalk. It moved gracefully around and Daniela’s smile was as lovely as the Immortelle blooms. Rigor couldn’t bring himself to speak so Daniela broke the silence
“I knew you will find me as I had seen all of these happened during Council’s enchantment. I knew we’ll part ways the moment you’re captured inside the bottle molten by the fire. And I knew we’ll never have a baby the moment pearly white seed fell from the bottle and broke splashing the perfume. I decided to go on the direction which the Council had laid even though you might be thinking I had exchanged my love for you for all of these but I thought you will understand if it means saving the doppelgangers as well as the Queen’s throne.” Said Daniela smiling serenely.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Of course, I will always understand you my love…… my Lord.” Said Rigor bowing in reverie,
“I always prayed for this and we have it, Love prevails above all. We won the war because of love. We sacrificed our life in the name of love. Our love for each other restored order on Earth and throughout the Heliopolis and Necropolis. I am personally appointing you to keep the order here on Earth. As for me, I go hand in hand working with Ra and the Council keeping harmony on Heliopolis and Necropolis. The sphere on all of Great One Network member planets had vanished. The magical weapons stored on Planet Tio had been distributed back to the owners. Monerans, Fugakians and Pharians freely roam around the two star systems.” Said Daniela who noticed Rigor’s sudden loneliness. “But I will always be with you to where you love to live the most. Even though stars are surrounded on Heliopolis and Necropolis, you’ll surely spot me in Monaco. I will be safe because you are in it. And I’ll be happy because of your love.”
“But how can I go with you in stars? I almost break my wings flying a few miles from Middle East to France. What it takes to be god like you?” said Rigor knowing she’ll always be on stars for she then belonged to the apex as one of Ra’s Council member.

“Pick your favorite fruit and eat its seed, before you know it you’ll be branching out extra appendages of stems as arms and legs, roots for a hair, leaves for ears and seeds for eyes.” Said Daniela laughing hilariously with Rigor. “Of course, you know what it takes to be a god.
“Yes, but it’s not as easy. No matter what sprouts out from you and they had your mind full of dregs, it is your heart remained pure. And I’ll treasure your love for me as it washes all away the sins the dregs had made.” Said Rigor seeing Daniela vanished from the swirling golden dust.
Rigor was left sitting lonely again under the tree. Thinking immortality should not be their end all be all. Indeed, it was the infinite love that saved them all. Sacrifice could be her legacy to mankind but it was love that made her more than a legend or myth but god. Rigor felt bliss he didn’t notice the majestic sun of Ra setting in on the west. He stood readying his feet, spread and flapped his wings and took off toward Monaco. And there he lived each day as if it was the last.

                        The End 


Rigor walked away reeling from the loss of a loved one. He felt everything slowed down since then. He felt like he’s out of the whirlwind they’d been into after all has been done. It was more than a job they took as an advocate for Mental Health tasked by Health & Beauty / Wellness Company. They signed up as Brand Ambassadors but they’ve gone beyond what they are called to do for they were ensnared by circumstances they have no control over. They were dragged to all places unbeknownst to them of the danger they were in. At least now, he has control over his time, he can stop and smell flowers. He recalled it was this time of year when they were stranded in the middle of lavender field; a time when he thought Daniela was so aberrated she’s sleepwalking in the field at the ungodly hour.

He decided to venture out into the field and take time to smell flowers the way Daniela did. He found his way to the lone house sitting lovely along  Puimoisson- Haute Provence, a house once belong to the model / friend Ana. A house Daniela visited the last to pay respect to a friend Ana who’ve lost the battle taking her own life. She believed she’s not weak. It’s just that they’ve not found the way out. She could have helped her but it’s late that she almost lost the battle herself. Rigor knew so well Daniela tricked the Evil one by deceiving it to take her own life, out witting it and won at its own game. She told of something she kept in the house for him- a gift. But where? It’s easy……the fireplace. Same place to where they found Coco Lee’s CD.

He found a CD album – New Order- Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) The title gave him an unsettling feeling for it denotes negativity but the art cover said something positive as of a bouquet of flowers. Flowers be it germinating or not give us something essential that speaks hope to our subconscious. It speaks of beauty that transcends to metaphysical world. He thought exactly of how Daniela’s deathbed grew into a bed of flowers . She transcends from the physical world to metaphysical realm. It speaks of an immortality. Rigor was so excited to hear it for it may lead him to where she’s now. Maybe she’s living a new life, new identity and taking on new adventure that he would love to be part of………

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