Ezekiel’s Vision – An Asian Psycho Story

He rummaged through Daniela’s things at his room in the dungeon of the palace. The flail which he had given to her when he no longer needed when he was cleared. It was Daniela’s being uncleared and safety against Abaddon was the reason of giving her the flail. He realized then how fool he wasContinue reading “Ezekiel’s Vision – An Asian Psycho Story”

Ezekiel’s Vision- Isolation- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously………………. On a fine sunny Middle East morn, the procession ended and the ritual meant to complete immortality has started. Lost souls displaced from tragedies, scribes and be winged doppelgangers descent from the sky to the red Saqqaran Desert while Daniela ascent to the apex where Ra and the Council waited.Papemir led the scribes onContinue reading “Ezekiel’s Vision- Isolation- An Asian Psycho Story”

Of Duality- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously..………… Daniela’s soul found the liberty of wandering the infinite space. From a distance is a star her soul was aiming to go. She was jetting into that direction as vivid images from her past flashes, her joys and aspirations were of ordinary, simpler things then. She eventually went from the life of limited meansContinue reading “Of Duality- An Asian Psycho Story”

Surviving Solipsist’s World- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………….. “You were right about her seeing death coming and she saw it in a different perspective, in a new perspective. In fact, all of us see death as coming to life again. We embrace death. We’ve been sick and the Council healed us. We’ve been imprisoned but freed. Sometimes in our life we desireContinue reading “Surviving Solipsist’s World- An Asian Psycho Story”

All Cleared- Heal As One- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………. The lush vegetation has taken over the broken-down elementa palace, Rigor glides along the scaffolding stairs and hastily possessed his body through its portal – a clear brain. When he had it fully possessed, ashes on skin lifted like a magnet had been place hovering and circling around him. He stretched his limbs, relaxedContinue reading “All Cleared- Heal As One- An Asian Psycho Story”

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