Of Duality- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously..………… Daniela’s soul found the liberty of wandering the infinite space. From a distance is a star her soul was aiming to go. She was jetting into that direction as vivid images from her past flashes, her joys and aspirations were of ordinary, simpler things then. She eventually went from the life of limited meansContinue reading “Of Duality- An Asian Psycho Story”

Quarantined Life- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………….. Rigor’s dynamic soul penetrated the ground. Daniela followed through using her idea of the ground below. It was an endless subterranean tunnels scarab beetles made. She conditioned her mind to be where the tunnels end and to a blink of an eye she was ushered to a wide hollow cavity where scarabs were tendedContinue reading “Quarantined Life- An Asian Psycho Story”

Reaching the Apex-Infections Identified An Asian Psycho Story

Previously…………….. Next morning, Daniela couldn’t make her mind what to do. Everything happened so fast, she didn’t have much time for planning until she’s caught up and just let it passed by taking an opening shift. First hour at Macy’s was no different from weekends. It’s always packed with shoppers. She then realized shoppers wereContinue reading “Reaching the Apex-Infections Identified An Asian Psycho Story”

Keep on Tracking the Enemy- (The Subway Episode) An Asian Psycho Story

Previously……….. As days of uncertainties passed, the number of cases go higher. There’s news of one injected by a blood contaminated with MOFUPHA. Appalling as it was, the Mayor called for tightened security. The Wall Street Journal admonished of business going down as situation escalates as one would go around spreading the disease deliberately throughContinue reading “Keep on Tracking the Enemy- (The Subway Episode) An Asian Psycho Story”

Big Apple Puff- An Asian Psycho Story

Previously………. The next day, after his off from Macy’s, Rigor started his extra work lifting Braille from BCBG obelisks in Downtown Manhattan. He wore BCBG ID and presented the introduction letter to SoHo’s administration personnel. The guard frisked him, checked his bag and let him inside the partly lit store spaces for it’s about toContinue reading “Big Apple Puff- An Asian Psycho Story”

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