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I’m about to hit the big 40. I am neither excited nor disappointed but i am ever grateful for everyday gift of love, hope and inspiration. I like to look back than to look forward because looking back gives you insights of what had been or what could have been. I have a habit of analyzing past events and i think i am good at it (not that i am stuck with it). Of course, everyone can effectively tell what already happened as opposed to telling something that has not happen yet. Unless, your premonition never misses. Still you can never be certain about the future. You might be thinking such mindset has no sense of direction. Don’t get me wrong, I have plans though i just go with the flow because i know that however you plan; it will not always turned out the way you’ve pictured it out.

Most certain thing is the Now. You can never go wrong about Now. Looking into the mirror, one certain thing is you cannot fight forces of Nature; you will grow old. You cannot defy gravity as your skin sags. Worn out faces; we will definitely have.

Wait, at least we can do something about it now. I plan of going back to my old skin care. I had the chance using ZIRH when i worked in Personal Care Company. One of the perks, you can use all products that they handle exclusively. You might say, we must credit my youth for my good health and great skin but no, it was never about my youth because i use it again several years later after i quit my job there; it yields same good result.

Follow 3 Steps Facial Regime for Serious Skin Care


Zirh Clean Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash

Good For: All Skin Types. Cleanse. Invigorating face wash with Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids that work to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Has a fresh, light lemon scent that leaves your face feeling and looking fresh and clean. Use with a sunscreen containing UVA and UVB protection to prevent photo-aging.


Zirh Aloe Facial Scrub

Good For: Normal to Oily Skin, Acne Exfoliate. Buff away dead skin cells for a smoother appearance. Exfoliates the skin to remove surface oil, toxins and dead skin cells to produce healthier looking skin.


  • Diatomaceous Earth: A very mild abrasive that is full of naturally occurring minerals to result in smoother, healthier skin.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: Calms irritation and moisturizes the skin to prevent dry skin commonly caused by other scrubs.


Daily Facial Conditioner

Good For: Normal to Oily Skin Moisturize. Daily skin conditioner to replenish the vitamins of the skin and can slow the appearance of aging and help improve the skin’s texture and elasticity. Fights the negative effects of free radicals from environmental pollution and sun damage.


  • Squalane: Natural component of skin and has antioxidant and immune-stimulating properties, derived from plants.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Water binding agents that exfoliate skin cells. Helps to heal photodamaged skin and normalizes over-thickened skin and increases viable epidermal thickness.

ZIRH is a premium grooming brand that features high-quality skincare and shaving essentials designed for men and life’s everyday challenges. The collection includes state-of-the-art formulations that offer a combination of the finest ingredients and most advanced technology to address the specific skincare and shaving needs of men.

But that’s for the outside……….

For my Well Being and Healthy Options, I rely on FNX Fitness for their Functional Fitness Supplements

They have this amazing Immune+ Complex which I’ve been taking for protection against viral infections. Perfect combination of compounds working harmoniously for that ultimate shield against infection so that you can live an active lifestyle.

Discover more Healthy Options that suits your lifestyle. No pun intended but their brand name FNX (Phoenix) is so apt for that rebirth, rising from the ashes and to the regeneration i experience as i regain my strength back to health.

Use my code FNX8LJ to avail 15% off

FNX IMMUNE+ COMPLEXScience Driven Immune Booster


Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links to which i may earn commissions upon your purchase using my links. It will cost you nothing extra but it will help my blog up.

16 thoughts on “Health&Beauty/ Grooming

  1. Future cannot be predicted but one can be ready for the contingencies which may arrive…nice article ….. apparently a good product you have show cased..
    Thank you


  2. Great guide! I personally have a 10-step-skincare regimen for my skin. I feel like that helps keep my skin clean and clear at all times!


  3. Congrats on the upcoming birthday 🙂 Being male I have never had any form of routine for skin care but maybe it is time for a change, can’t believe there are so many different products available.


  4. I’ve never heard of this brand. But it looks promising. I’ll definitely recommend this to my male friends and dad!


  5. I have to agree that your writing skills are amazing as your review is lovely. Unfortunately, it does not suit my skin.


  6. I don’t have any step program for my skin care, usually just use a natural soap, and warm water, then hydrate the skin, there are a few things I use after I shave just to take care of the micro cuts and things, but this is a really nice article I might look into it more.


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