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By:Jeferson Legaspi Beluso

To play the game you have to revisit the past……….


Al-Safat Square, Al-Hakam Palace, and the Financial Corridor leading to Al- Deyafa Palace 
Hospitality Palace (Khreimes host) Hilla and Masmak neighborhood
Justice Square in the center of Riyadh, end of the ninetieth
Store for selling utensils in Hofuf City
Riyadh Market and the Great Mosque
Al Shumaisi Hospital in Riyadh and some of its streets

Good job, you started really well…… is a prerequisite to know the past so as to know the scope of the game…….Remember, you are not in a game proper yet……you have to gather all there is to know about the significance of the past… holds the key 🔑 to move to the next level…….
HINTS…..TIPS…… Take the role of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft or any Tomb Raider you’ve known in the RPG (Role Play Game) world…….or simply use your imagination…….you can be anyone……Remember the goal is to acquire knowledge about the rich Saudi cultural heritage……(customs, traditions, practices and ideologies) This is the only way to move to the next level… don’t want to mess up…..what’s with cultural appropriation and be called out for behaving inappropriately……

King Abdulaziz Historical Museum
King Abdulaziz Historical Museum
King Abdulaziz Historical Museum
King Abdulaziz Historical Museum 

Great job……you are nailing this game…….you’ve slain a mastodon or was it forces of nature that caused it to die? You’ve visited palaces……and marvel at the artifacts which past generations were able to save…..and you survived a cataclysmic meteorite……..Great job…..take your reward for preserving and passing it to next generations… can now move to the next level……..

As a newbie to Saudi game time, or should I say as an expat, be grateful for all the reward that is given to you……consider this a bonus stage…..I mean you actually skip Level 1-the Past… are not there obviously when they started out…..but thanks to the Game Keeper (authorities,agencies etc. ) who brought you to this stage……God knows what card you use to be in this game, guest worker card maybe……LOL……use it wisely…….
HINTS……TIPS……Have fun as much as you want….play by the rules set by the Game Keeper….Use your reward and resources wisely ……you are here for some reasons…….your guest worker card brought you here……don’t waste any card…..but fun time is activated in this stage……might as well call a friend and activate that fun in you NOW……Remember, this bonus stage will determine your role in the next level- The Future……so have fun responsibly…….The accumulation of all things you will do in this stage will determine if you’re worthy or not to play  in Level 3….it is entirely dependent on how well you do your task while having fun…….if you will not make it to Level 3…..probably you are eliminated while having fun……



The Color Fun Run – October 26,2019
The Color Fun Run – October 26,2019
The Color Fun Run – October 26,2019
The Color Fun Run – October 26,2019


Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019
Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019
Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019
Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019
Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019
Riyadh Winter Wonderland – December 31, 2019


Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉  you made it this far…… were tested immensely in Level 2 so that you acquire set of skills needed to play in this stage…..
1.(if you are seeing this message and you doubt your participation in the game despite passing all tasks, ignore this message…..better be off the game……there’s no room even for a drop of doubt.)
2.( if you are receiving Congratulatory message and if you feel you deserve to be in the game……hold on tight and put down the bunting….it’s too early to celebrate….but you are displaying a positive behavior nonetheless…….keep it that way……you needed such self-affirmation to stay in the game…….

HINTS…TIPS…..if you are a fan of a procedurally- generated game like Minecraft or No Man’s Sky or your mantra is build build build and love to play SimCity or Cities:Skyline suffice it to say you are highly likely to succeed in this stage than another player who loves serial boxes……( yes, I’m looking at you player who just love to push buttons and hit something- a task that only requires a tiny percentage of your prefrontal cortex) Yes, a highly skilled player have an edge over another player who perform menial task…..However, both players are valued nonetheless….we all have parts to play….don’t pull that “I don’t want to play anymore, it’s boring and depressing” card….We are all in this together…discover the future…..Best of luck players…….

Get Your Boom! Back

Demand for wellness services and products is higher than ever now, according to studies revealing that the global wellness market is now worth $3.4 trillion, making it nearly three times larger than the $1 trillion* worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

Increasing numbers of people are regularly using natural and alternative products for health and beauty reasons.

Alternative health is no longer alternative!

It’s no longer, “we are what we eat”. It’s more a question of “we are what we absorb”.

Everything is energy and it’s essential we fuel our bodies with good food in energetic alignment to allow best absorption.

You need genuine ingredients at the real dose as used in the clinical trials. Too many people overpay for inferior formulas with substitute ingredients which won’t get you the results you need.


Your body has its own repair mechanism (stem cells), which have the physical ability to regenerate & repair ANY damaged cells. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we are younger, but slows down considerably with age. Anywhere you have damage or regeneration you will have ‘stem cells’.

Imagine your health improving, not deteriorating with time, and enjoying greater physical, mental and emotional strength. AminoBoosters help to revive aging cells as well as nourishing and repairing unhealthy ones.

All the amino acids needed for human life are contained within the AminoBoosters formula: these vital building blocks for the body normalise the secretion of stress hormones, boosting serotonin and dopamine.

People who use this food supplement report increased energy and libido, deeper sleep and the documented beneficial effects on stress management and depression.

The AminoBoosters formula contains no artificial additives

and is safe to use by men, women and children

who face physical and psychological challenges.

Clinical trials and hundreds of testimonials for YTE® and AminoBoosters prove evidence of relief from depression, dementia, Alzeimers and Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, tiredness, lack of libido and an impaired immune system. AminoBoosters help to elevate your mood, increase brain function, memory and alertness, decrease stress as well as increasing stamina and energy, giving you a better sense of wellbeing.

Amino Boosters use pure Norwegian YTE® which is a highly absorbable bioavailable source of the 23 Amino Acids required by the human body.

The human body is comprised of approximately 20% protein and Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins in your body.

What is YTE®?
YTE® is a patented food supplement developed and patented by the Norwegian government and made exclusively in Norway

What does YTE® mean?
YTE® stands for young tissue extract, This is because it is a nutrient that is extracted from fertilised hen eggs that have been incubated for 9 days. This patented process extracts and gently processes all of the core nutrients from the egg white. This is called PreEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The Story of YTE®?
YTE® was first discovered back in 1929 by a Canadian Doctor called John R. Davidson. He was observing fertilised hen eggs and realised that on day 9 of incubation the egg went through an incredible growth spurt that caused a tripling of the embryo inside the egg. He hypothesised that the nutrients inside the egg on this ninth day must be very powerful if they could cause a tripling in the growth cycle that was enough for a fluffy chick to hatch just 12 days later.

Dr. Davidson began successfully treating his patients by injecting the YTE® nutrients. He died shortly after presenting his research at the Third International Cancer Conference, just as he was seeing success with his technique, and his research was lost for almost 50 years.

That was until 50 years later when Norwegian scientists working with the Norwegian government made the same discovery as Dr. Davidson that the fertilised hen egg contained very potent nutrients on the 9th day of incubation. As nutritional and scientific understanding had advanced considerably since 1929, the Norwegian scientists understood immediately that the nutrients extracted contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions including a complete array of 23 Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins as well as some very important growth factors.

Best Value YTE® On The Market
YTE® is a very well documented and studied food supplement appearing in several published and peer reviewed studies and a google search will show you that there are a few companies around the world selling a YTE® based product.

However all the studies that were conducted used a daily dosage of 1600mg which is 4 tablets a day of pure YTE® powder. These other companies typically sell a 30 capsule one month supply for more than the AminoBoosters 120 capsule one month supply.

This handy Comparison Chart shows at a glance.

Competitors number 1 and 2 are the largest names in this area, who claimed to use the right amounts of genuine YTE® but now admit that they either do not AT ALL or do not AT THE RIGHT DOSE. Competitor 3 sells in a very limited market and does not have the supporting formula:

A number of Doctors recommend YTE® – most recently Dr Christopher Hertzog who is a British Medical Doctor and Anti Aging Specialist.

Angela Wright, cofounder of Get Your Boom! Back, was consulted by Dr Hertzog prior to the publication of his book.

Dr Hertzog confirms that Lamine does not contain YTE®.

In his recently published book Dr Hertzog refers to YTE® as “The Ultimate Gift To Health” and categorically says about YTE®:

“There is just such a vast amount of evidence it is impossible to support suggestions this product does not work.”

and, talking about competitors,

“… however they did patent a version of what was developed in Norway and decided to market it on an MLM basis (Multi Level Marketing) which is in essence a revised and legal form of the earlier pyramid selling scheme…”


“Remember that if you are buying through MLM the reward structure has to be paid for, which does not go towards the actual cost or quality of the product… as most sales have hitherto been promoted via MLM, it is only now in the light of increased research and reviews, that purer forms are becoming available…”


“How do I know that what I am being offered is the genuine article? This is a very real problem…Does it contain fertilised incubated avian egg extract? If not, don’t waste your money buying it!”


“… (YTE) provides a great number of benefits described in this book, which in total can only have a beneficial effect on aging and a healthier lifestyle.”

and, talking about the history of YTE®,

“…Dr Davidson began using his new found extract on human cancer patients straight away with good results. Later on, when the process was further developed in Norway… human subjects were again used, with often spectacular results.

“It must be emphasised yet again, that such tests could only be valid if carried out with an extract obtained at the correct stage of development with an avian incubated fertilised egg – PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract, harvested at Day 9…

If the fertilised egg is NOT incubated the results will be meaningless, as the correct extract is not being employed (see comments in reports by Angela Wright MBE and Med-Eq themselves in Norway.)”


“…As more publicity is given to this product (YTE®)… more and more of the population will benefit from a remarkable scientific breakthrough….

“As a stem cell enhancer it can only do good. These cells die off and are reduced in number as we age, and to find a product that can restore the balance to the level found in earlier years, can surely only be beneficial…

“If in addition we can regain strength in our weakening muscles and feel less depressed and have a better sex life, surely it is worth going for?!”

When conducting your research on the YTE® health discovery, you will learn about the remarkable history of YTE®, first recognized back in 1929 by Dr. John R. Davidson. Dr Davidson enhanced many lives from unhealthy to healthy, by getting the body and the mind, back to a healthy state.

There are reports of YTE® helping to regulate the adrenal hormones to enhance tissue function, including muscle, skin, the gut, vascular, nerve and immune system functions.

There is research about YTE® reducing physical and mental stress, improving metabolism to assist in burning fat, promoting more restful sleep and increasing libido. Some studies have shown that YTE® helps people who face physical and mental challenges, plus has a positive effect on physical activities including quicker recovery after exercise

There are many testimonies of promoting muscle tone and strength, effectively improving energy levels and increasing stamina.

Fifty years after Dr Davidson’s pioneering work, research into fertilized incubated hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost experts on egg research. Dr. Bjodne Eskeland and Nils Christian Mortensen worked together in Med-Eq, which bought the rights to YTE® from the Norwegian government and went on to do further work together on developing YTE®..

Doctors who have worked with YTE® hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions that could help provide an important array of health benefits when consumed by humans. In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life. This includes vitamins, minerals and proteins, important defense factors, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components.

The high level of oligopeptides (small peptides) gave credence to research carried out on the necessity of rapid transport across the digestive membrane in order to achieve effective benefits from amino acids.

The fertilized incubated egg extract formula was studied extensively to find out why this key ingredient that had so many seemingly perfect health” benefits.

It has been suggested that PESE within the right supporting formula can assist with symptoms caused by our diets and environment. Skin and hair health, moods (depression), memory loss, fatigue and cardiovascular health are most affected by today’s lifestyle.

You can think of the PESE as the “Director of Operations” for the body. Having such a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, it is believed that the right supporting formula containing all amino acids will find their way to the right areas of the body and be guided to perform their function efficiently. The AminoBoosters formula contains ingredients most critical for your healthy skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and energy.

Competitors’ products do not contain ANY YTE®. They did originally but do not now. When a supplement says it includes “fertilised avian egg extract” from the USA, this means it is just from a fertilised chicken egg. As Nils Mortensen Christiansen says,

When marketing says a supplement includes “fertilised avian egg extract” from the USA, this means it is just from a fertilised chicken egg. As Nils Mortensen Christiansen says, “You might as well have a fried egg for breakfast.” It is not incubated and not YTE®. Eggs in the USA are not salmonella free.

Eggs in the USA are not salmonella free. Norway is one of the few countries in the world with salmonelle-free eggs.

Get Your Boom! Back use ONLY genuine ingredients at the right dose. Only original, pure Norwegian YTE® are used in both AminoBoosters and AminoPure.

YTE® is avian incubated fertilised egg including PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract. Only YTE® is trademarked and patented to include fertilised INCUBATED egg extract, with the unique extraction system at exactly the right time on the 9th day. NO other product is the same as this.

Anyone can say their product includes “young tissue extract” or “youth tissue extract” because these are descriptive words and cannot be trademarked. These terms are meaningless.

“Fertilized avian egg extract” is simply a chicken egg that has been fertilized. But the fertilization is unable to take effect without being incubated. That’s when the fertilization “comes alive” and the magic happens. Only through incubation and then extraction at exactly the right moment can the albumen (egg white) contain PESE – Proto Embryonic Stage Extract and become genuine YTE®.

A patented process extracts the vital nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the proto embryonic stage, known as Proto Embryonic Stage Extract (PESE). The extract provides a mechanism of rapid transport of very critical nutrients. The right formulation of amino acids and peptides can be utilized in the right manner, with the body “directing” their correct use.

Commonplace and cheaper amino acid formulations do not contain this factors and may not be utilized by the brain in the most efficient manner.

There has been some speculation that the PESE also contains Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor but there are no serious studies supporting this claim. The manufacturers of YTE® also do not claim it includes FGF.

Reputable companies like Get Your Boom! Back are careful to only refer to accepted clinical trials and serious, impartial scientific research.

Dr. Roald Strand is a Norwegian doctor who is a member of The Norwegian Medical Association (DNLF) and AAEM – the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Dr Strand says,

” In October 2013 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I was encouraged to try the food supplement YTE® I was intrigued.“YTE restored my energy and balance! Traditional medicine helped to a certain point – YTE brought me to a higher quality of living.

“After a week using YTE® I felt a significant increase in energy. I felt stronger. Normal everyday tasks like carrying groceries, walking up stairs or simply going for a walk that just a few weeks ago felt like a struggle, were now much easier.

“The improvement has continued and I feel I have recovered at least 80 % of my functional level. I continue using YTE® and recommend it to my patients: I believe patients with neurological problems greatly benefit, also people suffering from lack of energy… people can experience many health benefits from taking YTE®.”

A human clinical study published in the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition reports that YTE®, is proven to significantly improve people’s ability to tolerate acute mental stress, normalizes hormonal responses and has a positive effect in anxiety.

Another human clinical study accepted for publication, demonstrates that the AminoBoosters ingredient YTE® is an effective treatment in alleviating depression and acts as a powerful mood enhancer. Both studies are published in scientific articles in peer reviewed psychology journals.

The two clinical studies formed part of a large project of exploration: the first indications of a benefit in the treatment of depression and mood disorders were discovered in 1997, when a pilot study at the University of Denver revealed an improvement in depression as well as a reduction in the severity of adverse side- effects during medication for depression.

Get Your Boom! Back cofounder Angela Wright MBE has created formulas with a particular emphasis raising vibrations, recharging chakras, meridian realignment and pineal gland activation.

“Much of the food we eat has become dead and sterilized” says Angela.

“There is huge confusion about RDAs (“recommended daily allowances”) of vitamins and minerals; our water supplies are contaminated with farm animal antibiotics and industrial toxins; as a result, ever-increasingly compromised immune systems, IBS, stress, depression and other diseases make it hard for people to live life to the full.

“We are making AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ available to help families take care of their health – without dangerous drugs or unaffordable expense” summarises Angela.
“AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ revolutionary formulas are made with genuine ingredients at the right dose, clinically proven to be effective. Our Always Honest Pricing is part of our Triple Guarantee of quality, effectiveness and value for money.”


Important: The Young Tissue Extract YTE® is derived from eggs. If you have an egg allergy it is not recommended that you ingest YTE®.

The ingredients in AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ are food extracts that are listed on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list approved by the FDA.



4 capsules with breakfast


WHEN you feel that you are at your optimum health and are ready for maintenance, you can reduce the dose and see whether a smaller dose is sufficient. Normally people take between 4 and 1 capsule per day, depending on the demands of their life.

If you have a very active family life, business or work, social or sports, taxing intellectual work or heavy physical demands on your body, you will find that continuing at 4 capsules/day suits you better. The best thing for you is to try anywhere between 1 and 4 capsules per day and settle on the best option for you.

If you have serious health issues, either physical, mental or spiritual, then you are not ready for the maintenance dose.

If you feel you need more, evaluate your individual needs as to what level you need to be on. There are individuals who take 1 a day and individuals that take up to 6 daily depending on health needs.

It may be that you will want to stay on 4 capsules for ultimate energy and health.

NOTE: If you are on medications this program may well change your need for your dosages. Please be advised only by your physician if there is any need of change.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Drink at least 2 litres, preferably more, water to help the body with cleansing the blood and throwing off toxins. This is vital for health regardless of what program you are on.

If you are not used to, or have health problems that have inhibited you drinking a lot of water, please begin sipping water during the day.


For three days you may wish to start out by taking 1 in the morning to see how your body reacts and increase when you are more comfortable and then follow the normal protocol. Remember to listen to your body and adjust accordingly, if your system is sensitive.

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document or on this website constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult a health professional regarding your personal health issues.

To find out more about Get Your Boom! Back products including genuine YTE® AminoBoosters and AminoPure, click on this link.


Ezekiel’s Vision – An Asian Psycho Story

He rummaged through Daniela’s things at his room in the dungeon of the palace. The flail which he had given to her when he no longer needed when he was cleared. It was Daniela’s being uncleared and safety against Abaddon was the reason of giving her the flail. He realized then how fool he was thinking Daniela might be tempted of going back to the Delta- the Flatiron. He thought with the flail on holster around her waist always will somehow help her on her way to be clear . He then admired Daniela’s strategy of not getting cleared but joined Abaddon and studied the enemy up close being one of them. The laptop which they had in tow together with life’s lesson. It reminded him of Bjorn whom Daniela refused to kill during the Milan Fashion Week recalling her said. ‘It’s our loss if we kill her.’ Daniela indeed saw order upon zooming out from the chaotic vastness of stars in the sky. It turned out; it was her who taught him a lesson. Then he opened a Prada luggage- full of spring collection from her shopping spree. Next to it was a vanity kit full of samples from her various trips- complimentary scents from Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cannes, make up kits from Milan and sample vials from Macy’s New York.
The briefcase was soaked in Bvlgari BLV, that it forever smells the gingery powder; a tinged of lavender wafted the air. Rigor was right as he found a bunch of dried lavender blooms on a zipped compartment. A field of lavender at the Haute Provence flashed back to him.
Kept hidden was a small box wrapped nicely in a recyclable paper. Rigor opened it up to see a Jean Paul Gaultier’s bottled perfume. Two bottles joined as one by a magnet. He separated it and a thin sheet of paper and copper-like dog tag slipped out. He read the paper.

                                   Gaultier 2- Love Code
                 I like Gaultier's new perfume
                 Why not? It whispers to me
                 And why not indeed since in this
                 New world anything
                 That can be imagined can be made a reality?
                 Yes, it's the power of two.
                 One love
                 United forever

                 I WANT YOU
Gaultier 2 love code (with dog tag)

He snapped the pre- divided dog tag from the bottle. It comes with a chain so he wears it. He tried the scent on his wrist and sweet smells filled the air. It reminded him of his childhood days devouring on dates. He undo the yarn tied on a bunch of lavender and tied it to two dog tags and wear them both. He examined the dog tags with its graphics but of no help. Then the bottle, ‘made in France!!! That’s it!!! The South of France!!!’. He excitedly kept all Daniela’s things under his bed and went up to their open air veranda, the rooftop. No one was there except for the flying Middle Easterns building nth obelisk all over Middle East for perching. He ran, spread his wings and took off the palace.

Photo by Kai Pilger on

He flew northeast across the Mediterranean Sea longing to see Daniela in a Corsican soil where Immortelle grow. He flapped in great speed imagining Daniela in a field of Immortelle waiting for him; to kiss her once again just like what he did giving her the shared life force. They’ll share the infinite love they have for each other and through it Daniela will come back to life. He never felt weary no matter how long the journey was, so long they’ll be reunited. Being a nomad pursuing the quest then was no different from a migratory bird that he is now. He felt the irony of how their quest going to end on where they had started together. More ironic was that he has to face it alone. He dismissed the idea but memories kept coming back to him the first time they sat foot to the South of France. They’re always running from something fearful which their mind created; a manifested monster Abaddon. Looking back, he just laughed at how stupid they were allowing themselves enslaved by the dregs in their mind. Nevertheless, it would be difficult a quest without Daniela.
Time and distance go shorter as his velocity increased that he then saw below the Corsican soil enswathed with Immortelle blooms and line with race tracks. He stopped flapping and glide, then closed it and sent his body plummeting down fast. He landed nesting on blooms and ran excitedly around the field expecting to see Daniela lying lovely just like in the clouds. He knew he had search onto the whole field but there’s no sign of her. He craned his neck, turned his head more often and hover the field but there was no Daniela. Again, he felt lonely sitting into a rock along the cliff facing the sea. The lonesome sea however brought nostalgia which he didn’t want at a time being that he tend to look over sea and mainland France came to mind. He stood sitting his feet sturdy into the rock, spread his wings and took off toppling rocks down to the cliff while he went up and up. He was seeing the alpine mountain ranges majestically lording above the land. The charm of Alpes de Haute Provence was unforgettable it automatically registered to his mind. The serene beauty of lavender field and its aroma brought back joyous memories together with Daniela. This was where they first confessed their love for each other, though indirectly it forever stayed in his ears carried by the lovely aroma of lavender toward his nostrils and the warm air still kissed his nape and the rustling of tree calmed his heart. ‘Yes! The lone tree amidst the lavender field!!!!’ his mind shout as his flapping gone wild and shoot himself down, sure of finding Daniela down the lone tree amidst the lavender field near Poumousson, Alpes de Haute Provence. He landed on the tree which still was lone but withering.

Photo by Krivec Ales on

Noticeably was the lovely immortelle blooms growing epiphyte on the tree trunk. Around the bloom were shimmering gold dust protected by an enclose sphere or halo. Rigor knelt and tears flowed feeling good for Daniela having chosen the tree as place to live in. However he felt bad he will forever be missing her. The manifestation of Immortelle showed the Council had hailed her a New Aeon. He still was grateful for the Council and Ra having revealed to him the supposed secret proclamation of the New Aeon. He also thought that maybe the Council will proclaim him a patriarchal Aeon but assessing what Daniela had done, he couldn’t outdo it and she surely deserved to be a New Aeon and that he was happy for the quest’s success. They reached the nirvana and that’s enough for him.
Standing and looking up to the still shimmering epiphyte Immortelle, he felt fortunate having known the nature of the New Aeon. No longer a half man- half animal but nature’s loveliest- a flowering plant. He reached for it by his two hands; it was in a spherical glass, fragile as the flower inside. He longed to hold the flower floating inside but the glass guarded it. He closed his eyes and kissed the glass instead. He felt the warmth of Daniela’s lips that he didn’t let go kissing the glass until he heard a ticking. Still holding a glass, the flower inside slowly rotated as it grew foliage and buds, then the glass started to have nicks spidering rapidly around and broke vanishing from his hands while the Immortelle grew wildly surrounded by a golden dust which swirled removing petals, leaves and stems. The swirling grew taller than he was and eventually the tree, then it slowed aggregating plant’s parts into something of different species. ‘A tree maybe.’ Thought Rigor who didn’t step back or move forward. His eyes full of awe to what he assumed a tree trunk slowly forming from a mass of Immortelle parts. To his surprised, the trunk dendrified a branch like arms, huge roots sprout and split in two as legs. Training his eyes back up expecting to see a head but a huge Immortelle buds bloomed. The swirling of golden dust stopped and the supposedly tree trunk was actually a stalk. It moved gracefully around and Daniela’s smile was as lovely as the Immortelle blooms. Rigor couldn’t bring himself to speak so Daniela broke the silence
“I knew you will find me as I had seen all of these happened during Council’s enchantment. I knew we’ll part ways the moment you’re captured inside the bottle molten by the fire. And I knew we’ll never have a baby the moment pearly white seed fell from the bottle and broke splashing the perfume. I decided to go on the direction which the Council had laid even though you might be thinking I had exchanged my love for you for all of these but I thought you will understand if it means saving the doppelgangers as well as the Queen’s throne.” Said Daniela smiling serenely.

Photo by Pixabay on

“Of course, I will always understand you my love…… my Lord.” Said Rigor bowing in reverie,
“I always prayed for this and we have it, Love prevails above all. We won the war because of love. We sacrificed our life in the name of love. Our love for each other restored order on Earth and throughout the Heliopolis and Necropolis. I am personally appointing you to keep the order here on Earth. As for me, I go hand in hand working with Ra and the Council keeping harmony on Heliopolis and Necropolis. The sphere on all of Great One Network member planets had vanished. The magical weapons stored on Planet Tio had been distributed back to the owners. Monerans, Fugakians and Pharians freely roam around the two star systems.” Said Daniela who noticed Rigor’s sudden loneliness. “But I will always be with you to where you love to live the most. Even though stars are surrounded on Heliopolis and Necropolis, you’ll surely spot me in Monaco. I will be safe because you are in it. And I’ll be happy because of your love.”
“But how can I go with you in stars? I almost break my wings flying a few miles from Middle East to France. What it takes to be god like you?” said Rigor knowing she’ll always be on stars for she then belonged to the apex as one of Ra’s Council member.

“Pick your favorite fruit and eat its seed, before you know it you’ll be branching out extra appendages of stems as arms and legs, roots for a hair, leaves for ears and seeds for eyes.” Said Daniela laughing hilariously with Rigor. “Of course, you know what it takes to be a god.
“Yes, but it’s not as easy. No matter what sprouts out from you and they had your mind full of dregs, it is your heart remained pure. And I’ll treasure your love for me as it washes all away the sins the dregs had made.” Said Rigor seeing Daniela vanished from the swirling golden dust.
Rigor was left sitting lonely again under the tree. Thinking immortality should not be their end all be all. Indeed, it was the infinite love that saved them all. Sacrifice could be her legacy to mankind but it was love that made her more than a legend or myth but god. Rigor felt bliss he didn’t notice the majestic sun of Ra setting in on the west. He stood readying his feet, spread and flapped his wings and took off toward Monaco. And there he lived each day as if it was the last.

                        The End 


Rigor walked away reeling from the loss of a loved one. He felt everything slowed down since then. He felt like he’s out of the whirlwind they’d been into after all has been done. It was more than a job they took as an advocate for Mental Health tasked by Health & Beauty / Wellness Company. They signed up as Brand Ambassadors but they’ve gone beyond what they are called to do for they were ensnared by circumstances they have no control over. They were dragged to all places unbeknownst to them of the danger they were in. At least now, he has control over his time, he can stop and smell flowers. He recalled it was this time of year when they were stranded in the middle of lavender field; a time when he thought Daniela was so aberrated she’s sleepwalking in the field at the ungodly hour.

He decided to venture out into the field and take time to smell flowers the way Daniela did. He found his way to the lone house sitting lovely along  Puimoisson- Haute Provence, a house once belong to the model / friend Ana. A house Daniela visited the last to pay respect to a friend Ana who’ve lost the battle taking her own life. She believed she’s not weak. It’s just that they’ve not found the way out. She could have helped her but it’s late that she almost lost the battle herself. Rigor knew so well Daniela tricked the Evil one by deceiving it to take her own life, out witting it and won at its own game. She told of something she kept in the house for him- a gift. But where? It’s easy……the fireplace. Same place to where they found Coco Lee’s CD.

He found a CD album – New Order- Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) The title gave him an unsettling feeling for it denotes negativity but the art cover said something positive as of a bouquet of flowers. Flowers be it germinating or not give us something essential that speaks hope to our subconscious. It speaks of beauty that transcends to metaphysical world. He thought exactly of how Daniela’s deathbed grew into a bed of flowers . She transcends from the physical world to metaphysical realm. It speaks of an immortality. Rigor was so excited to hear it for it may lead him to where she’s now. Maybe she’s living a new life, new identity and taking on new adventure that he would love to be part of………

Ezekiel’s Vision- Isolation- An Asian Psycho Story


On a fine sunny Middle East morn, the procession ended and the ritual meant to complete immortality has started. Lost souls displaced from tragedies, scribes and be winged doppelgangers descent from the sky to the red Saqqaran Desert while Daniela ascent to the apex where Ra and the Council waited.
Papemir led the scribes on carrying Rigor down to the dungeons of elementa palace where his flesh convalescing and waiting to be repossessed. Osiris bestowed power to Papemir on reviving Rigor’s soul back to life while the other scribes followed Anubis to the dungeons of Saqqaran Desert where hundreds of thousands flesh were ready to embody the doppelgangers- their souls.
In Isis’s world, lost souls gathered witnessing the magic of scribes as they were guided back repossessing their flesh. Lost souls being cleared, no longer a doppelganger easily slid through cleared brain of their flesh which doppelgangers harbored for many years and took turned lying on the frozen lazuli stalactites for clearing and rejuvenation. Lost souls submissively undergo the ritual supposedly strange to them but they were credulous to it seeing flesh coming to life.
‘We, the scribes decided not to repossess our flesh back. We commit ourselves for all the eternity to the Council. We commit ourselves to guide every immortal to the right path. All we want from the beginning is to tell the vision and seeing it now strengthen our faith.
‘Ra’s Kingdom has come!!!1 His sun shone the brightest on the Middle East land and throughout the Earth. Life was back in the elementa palace as everyone started rebuilding. The Queen was set to resume her reign once and again. Restoration of the whole Kingdom was as easy for everyone was an immortal. Rigor quietly observed from his open air veranda all the flying entities happily roaming around. The Queen intrudes his privacy. Rigor knew how much she missed him.
“Look, what you have done to your feathers? My Queen. It’s wonderful!! You look totally apart!!” said Rigor who obviously faked his enthusiasm.

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“Does it make me excluded from the aviary? Well, too many choices, I decided peacock described me best. But you’re hiding something; I can see it on your eyes.” Said the Queen gracefully fanning her flamboyant tail and held out a parchment from her silky gown.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to but I got it from Daniela’s pocket before I went to Boracay. I guess this would help.” Said the Queen adjusting her frill looking on the mirror in excuse of not looking at him. “You know how it is being a Dianetics auditor.” She said in case he protests. Rigor read it.

My King,
Are you ready to try a new fragrance?
You know I’m keen to please you
In everything I choose for you
The new scent I’ve found for you sets the
Mood for romance and pleasure
For us to try at our leisure
Love infinite which knows no measure

“Where is she?” asked Rigor half expecting to see her, physically.
“I’m sorry, when I went back to Manila; she’s gone from the room where I had safely kept her. Her disappearance is a miracle or mystery but everyone knew her soul was with Ra and the Council. Perhaps the letter would help where to as she intended to give you that. Go on my son, I know what you want, you wanted her.” Said the Queen naughtily teasing him and suddenly remembered something which bothered her. “Anyway, do you know something about the tree? I found from her laptop’s cache many rendition of the art about tree. There are white trees which hung huge cocoons; a half tree- half man portrait of Luther Burbank; and a lone tree shown twice- one amidst the field of flowers on sunset conveying serenity while the other amidst the wilderness on full moon conveying chaos thus the volcanic eruption. Trees are shown many times on her photo or art collections and yet I don’t know what it meant to her. And why she kept it on a cache?” asked the Queen though certain enough all had something to do with the quest. She remembered those chaotic time she herself was cut off of information from the scribes. Rigor however felt it’s alright to tell her then for the quest was over.

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“O, the white tree is the Council’s Promesse tree which cradle Middle Eastern’s convalescing flesh back to life thus the half tree- half man. The tree represents us.” Said Rigor raising his eyebrows repeatedly in confirmation and he smiled at his mother’s amazement of how they managed keeping it from her. “It’s no longer a secret.”
“O, I’m sorry my son………. I just wanted to help, that’s why I keep twigging the information on hand. And thank you, it’s clear now.” Said the Queen ashamed of her being inquisitive at Daniela and his private lives thus searching on Daniela’s laptop and notes.
“It’s alright, now that you have what bothered you, but I know what you really want, and you need not exert any effort of finding it, the love comes to you.” Said Rigor looking at her eyes and came close hugging her.
“O my son, I miss you so much…….. I’m sorry for everything………….” She said sobbing as Rigor wiped her tears and covered her eyes with his wings and let her turned around. She’s thrilled seeing the King but couldn’t move.
“See, I definitely knew what you want, go on you are vindicated.” Said Rigor winking to his father. The Queen wiped her tears and joined kissing the King. They almost forgot to breathe so that when Rigor cleared his throat, they stopped and face their son.
“Thank you my son.” She said catching her breath. “Anyway, I have all Daniela’s things in your room. I thought you might need it as there’s no one to claim it. I can’t find Katu and Dohera but they’ll sure come dropping by. I know there’s something you need to look up. Does the piece of paper help?” asked the Queen who felt transported back on a cloud- cuckoo land hugging the King.

“She has something for me.” Said Rigor hopeful to find what Daniela called the infinite love they are to share.
“It helps then, go now my son and you’ll find what you want.” Said the Queen hugging her son one more time and Rigor hugged them back and walked away toward one of the secret passage on the column down to the dungeon, though a passage no longer a secret, they did not revised the palace’s plan upon its reconstruction for there is a greater power guarding it now. The power of love to one another. The power which Rigor then seek.

Of Duality- An Asian Psycho Story


Daniela’s soul found the liberty of wandering the infinite space. From a distance is a star her soul was aiming to go. She was jetting into that direction as vivid images from her past flashes, her joys and aspirations were of ordinary, simpler things then. She eventually went from the life of limited means to living inside the elementa palace. The Queen opened her eyes to new things, to the new world and she became one of them. Living as a Noveau rich changed her. She craved for more and will do everything to acquire it. She became a go-getter believing acquiring excess will lead to a path of knowledge. It is a costly one but necessary for the quest. She taught and reminded herself that only to certain degree she will put on Queen’s shoes so to keep herself guarded of the danger of excess. She had everything all women relish- youth, beauty, intelligence and wealth but nothing fill the emptiness within her because she realized her joy wasn’t from what the world has to give until she came to know immortality.

Nearing the star, she jet toward it with immortality in mind. She felt the star was something she’d been part of and desired to go and make it her home. She felt bliss for at last she’ll find rest.
The cold outer space suddenly became unbearably hot. Amazingly, she could tolerate extremes. ‘A thing of an immortal.’ She thought.
Jetting at a speed of light, the white hot planet came traveling thousands of light years close to Daniela’s soul. Gravitational force pulled her towards Oreco as if all the air been sucked towards it.
Landing at Oreco’s mountainous region, Daniela felt the place was familiar to her- something she owned. Then she attracted the molten drops of Oreco. The ore find its way to her soul giving her a corporeal frame. She became an alloyed humanoid and conducted the heat of Oreco till she became white hot entity.
She felt great about the transformation. She felt powerful becoming like the Evil one. ‘No, I don’t want to become like the Evil one.’ She promised herself. ‘I want to be greater than the Evil one.’ She raged launching herself upward leaving a huge cloud of metallic ash as she burst to space.

From a distance, massive mushroom of cloud formed from fall out that seemed to follow her leaving from below a circle of unknown gaseous particle . In space again, Daniela proclaimed herself the god of Alchemy and thought of everyone else as a mediocre. She thought of the Queen as dumb for having been too slow of deciphering the big picture. ‘The Council used every one of us in pursue of eradicating dregs in our minds which they couldn’t purify themselves. So they created us and made us work for them as mercenaries and reward us an immortality but now hundreds of thousands doppelganger is still hopeful like blinds hoping to see lights. The Council used us as a specimen of their experiment perfecting humans- a human with impeccable brain and soul; an immortal. God Thoth created a brain resembling that of god aimed to be an impeccable human mind so that human will lead us to a perfect future that of promised paradise and there would be unification among their creation and will comply to them as subordinates but they failed to consider the power of opposite. They created an army then an enemy will rise. They created human and monsters will rise. So instead of sending perfect human with brilliant minds to lead us to the future were zombies and dummies and rejects that couldn’t be recalled unless it means death. The Council was so desperate they sent scribes to each of us monitoring our brains, our thoughts, our feelings and everything like a guardian ready to attack the expected devil. It was an enterprise to face and let your enemy work for you but the Council is bold. Too bad I become one of their enemies, an experiment gone worst. I doubt if the Queen will still go in league with the Council if she found out she’d been enslaved more than what she bargain for- an immortality. Well, immortality after all doesn’t come as easy as doing all those rituals religiously back at the elementa palace. She was robbed of her free will and that’s worst that could ever happen to a Queen. It’s fine for her to be enslave and be dragged to all places and sent for errand but robbing her free will? The Council is wise withdrawing the scribes from her and left her clueless. But she is as clever, slowly seeing the big picture in spite of scribe’s absence. Poor doppelgangers, they were left a zealot of the Council forever blind of truth; the truth about our brain, soul, existence and immortality. We were long been gullible to their promised immortality. We can’t exist as immortal on human flesh!! We can be reincarnated but as human- again to be use as specimen to their never ending quest of overcoming the power of opposite; the opposite which constantly put the power of its equal in containment for a perfect balance. This is how the galaxy works. Supposed to work in harmony but Ra denies the power of opposite heralding only his own and thus find ways of eradicating elements of the opposite- the dregs which now operates against the Council.’

‘The galaxy is of Intelligent Design, each system of planets meant to work for each other. The Heliopolis- a solar system of planets ruled by Ra reigning in the majestic sun emanating life; the Heliopolis was meant to work with the Necropolis- an ore system of exoplanets which composed mainly of planets formed from molten drops of Oreco where Abaddon the alter ego of Ra reigned. Ra had long been denying his other side in the form of Abaddon for it advocates death.
The Intelligent Design of Abaddon’s domain- the Necropolis is to provide haven for all the immortal soul from Heliopolis; the second home and obstructing Intelligent Design is the worst that could have ever happen thus the start of tumult. The supposed haven was turned into the eternal damnation of hell. Abaddon no longer worked in parallel with Ra but against him counter striking his power. Denying oneself is the most destructive weapon one could aim at himself. Order will be lost and discord and chaos will reign.’

‘If Ra recognized the importance of Abaddon as the equal opposite and Abaddon will see Ra not as a threat but a part of him, it will work for both as one and restoration of peace and order follows. Too much lightness blinds everyone and too much darkness is an eternal obscurity. It has to be of equal parts for harmonious relationship like the day and night. But Ra cast his own shadow away believing it’s of another entity having its own life and live only in Light. We were long been deceived by their charade of recreating us anew but the truth is we are the same person working for the common unreachable goal. They ignore our being weary to this repetitiveness. If one thing is to be eradicated, that is the omnipotent ego Ra and the Council has and Abaddon’s destructive ego and it has to end; I will end it.
Daniela shot her alloyed self toward Heliopolis’s Earth. With great friction upon shooting, her body set to fire as of flint igniting as it struck against a stone. Her sulfuric ashes spraying the space and spark like the fireworks. She plummeted like a comet. She ablaze like Abaddon and entering the Earth’s surface, her fire producing ashes ablate and she became a white hot entity again.

From a distance, she could see a Ring of Fire in full circle erupting altogether. Then she passed through thick nimbus clouds formed from the eruption of coulee. She attracted the sulfuric ashes and watched her white hot humanoid body partially covered in ashes. She avoided passing the clouds for she wanted to land to a destination a white hot entity. ‘I want everyone to revere me. The Council will be asking for my mercy.’ Then she smiled maniacally at the sulfuric ashes issuing from the volcano as if the land touched the sky. Her smile turned to a thunderous laughter seeing the lava and magma rushed to shores. ‘The earth will be covered in ashes once again! And I will claim my dominion. From the ashes I will build my Fire Empire!! My Kingdom come!!’

Then she flew surveying the West Pacific Rim. To the North was her throne, to the West was where her armies dwelt on the abyss of volcanoes- be winged tiyanaks- a roast brown imp with trident for a tail and blew a fire. To the East were her human followers spying on Council’s zealot. To the South were the captured Aswangs – the prisoners at the turrets of souls whom Abaddon rescued and countless other uncleared souls. She smelt the triumph knowing all of her armies fled to the battlefield to reclaim the victory. She plummeted down to the East- the destination Boracay.
She could see it was chaotic down there but laughed boisterously knowing the Council’s armies were held hostage. The doppelgangers were hidden from under the cover of cleared souls forming a huge block against the attack of her armies. Aswangs flapped their wings wildly and deplumated. The ashen plume shooting endlessly from midair and the tiyanaks set the plumes on fire attacking the cleared souls who never flinched dodging it. As she descent, human followers rejoiced and revered her. Kneeling and bowing their heads before their god. She advanced toward the blockade turning herself to a cold, hard, pitch black alloy. One cleared soul barged her entry. Rigor Sarco Piagu.
“What? You think you’re an adamantine who could invade us?” said Rigor elongating himself to a long silky rope and strangled Daniela and tied her hands back. The other cleared soul mimicked the hammer and some a fire. Rigor lift the struggling alloyed Daniela to a fire and the hammer pounded its malleable body.
“Your body is impermissible but you’re malleable.” Ridiculed Rigor and signaled the other cleared to stop. “You succeeded being an ash, why not do it again like the old school, Abaddon? You know we are now impermissible by your ash. What else you can do now?” challenged Rigor.
An asymmetrical piece of alloy generated heat and became a white hot and melt flowing toward Rigor. The ore sieve through to his soul.
“You are permeable.” Said the ore covering Rigor from feet up as Daniela’s soul been displaced ungodly.

Her soul float in the air and the cleared souls came rescuing her.
“Daniela!!” called Rigor as his head was about to be fully covered. Daniela’s soul eventually gained consciousness, she still had the ash hovering for it couldn’t go near the cleared soul guarding her. She’s disoriented of what’s going on, where she was, but she was not strange to a chaos. She watched what caught everyone’s attention, a statue with nicks spidering all over and exploded shattering and sent loose powder into the air. The cleared souls covered Daniela’s soul airtight preventing the ashes to get into her. The loose ashes were then summoned mid air in compact.
“You’re combustible.” Said Rigor warning Abaddon not to come any closer. He run bewildered at Daniela’s fate. The cleared souls guarding Daniela in circle gave way to Rigor and as he got in, Daniela’s soul became inanimate. Rigor hugged her crippled soul.

“Daniela, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” He cried and hugged Daniela more giving her heat in hope to retrieve her soul. He kissed Daniela passionately wanting her to know how remorseful he was. The cleared souls patted him in comfort. Everyone believed Daniela passed away. A deafening silence loomed over to hundreds of thousands doppelgangers below which stretched the three kilometers Boracay shore. Everyone was clueless of their fate now that their hero Rigor was in despair. What everyone did was wait. The waiting that put everyone tormented as these same rendezvous of good and evil only reminded them of the past victory Abaddon had. The horrible night which still haunt their sleep. The pain of losing loved ones is still fresh. The dregs they got from the past battle was unbearable and only worsened each day of their life.

Henrietta Tujico, a strong willed lady was undecided being incarcerated amidst the doppelgangers that seemed to have been impressed upon her an embolia which began to become an outbreak among them. Though one thing that they would never give up is hope. The one thing Abaddon couldn’t grasp and snatched from them. No matter how intangible, doppelgangers hold on to it like their faith to Ra and the Council.
Remorseful than ever, Rigor kissed Daniela passionately longing for the past days they were together. But it only made him dispirited for Daniela remained inanimate. The great loss of his life enraged him. He looked up to the sky in commune to Ra and the Council asking for mercy. But all was darkness, Helio in absentia. In the absence of sun, there seemed no hope. Then a splash of warm air enveloped him. A breath of air from Daniela. He looked down and was grateful for the miracle.
“I’m sorry Daniela, I didn’t mean to.” Said Rigor breathing hard; overjoyed. Daniela who still laid on his arms quiet him. He kissed her and she kissed back passionately. Daniela’s soul finally got back to life as she grew incandescent. Rigor’s life force spiraling within him showing the start of life as one survived from being morose.
As always, they enjoyed being together and in full vertical line, Rigor’s life force joined like beaded jewels forever glowing. The joy is meant to be shared, one bead of Rigor’s life force detached from the rest and transferred to Daniela sublingually. Daniela administered it within her forever feeling bliss. They smiled to each other feeling the eternity until a loud crack from the sky emanated. They both looked up. Atop the nimbus clouds, Abaddon started to assume its humanoid form from a compacted powder to an adamantine alloy. It enraged Rigor.

“Daniela, it’ll get back to you. Don’t let him, I will not let him. It had been hunting us since Ra had cast it away, his dark soul, and his own dregs. And in return, Abaddon cast away Ra’s traces, Ra’s other soul imprecating it and let it do the work of evil be spread to Ra’s entire domain. Abaddon then assumed a new identity independent of Ra and the Council. Since then it became a corporeal element- an ore in space wanting to embody its victim- your soul. Ra’s other soul had long been captured in the person of Seth but it had escaped and still prevail with the lost ichor. That explained the Council’s absence, they’re hunting for Ra’s other soul aiming to clear it for it has been imprecated. They realized instead of getting rid of it, they’ll clear it and will let it work for the Council’s people common good. On the other hand, our mission is to get rid of Abaddon- the ore- for it invaded our brains, dwelt on our hearts, destroying our flesh making us frail gradually. For all of which were of Ra and the Council’s creation. Abaddon wanted our souls in its pursue of creating his own armies. An army of ore beneath the human flesh.” Said Rigor and was seeing the pitch black smoke- Ra’s imprecated soul entering Abaddon’s adamantine body.
“It seemed I have to face them both at once.” Said Rigor leaving Daniela in the care of cleared souls still guarding her around. He face the enemy bravely. He closed her eyes, lifting his head up and opened his mouth. A long beaded glowing flail materialized and he grasped it aiming like a sword to Abaddon. Abaddon swiftly advanced toward Rigor who was quick brandishing the flail across Abaddon’s torso. As the flail touched Abaddon, it sparked and issued a sulfuric ash. It cut deep it almost divided into half but Abaddon dared to grasp Rigor’s hand preventing him from brandishing more. From the cut, a liquid spurt spraying Rigor’s soul. Abaddon seized Rigor’s hand and disarmed him of the sword. Abaddon kicked the sword away from Rigor’s reach. Everyone from below gasped for Rigor’s safety for his soul was unarmed. Then a pitch black smoke swooshed toward Rigor’s soul. Everyone stayed calm for they had seen Abaddon in its several alchemical transformations and Rigor survived each of those.

“Witness the Trinity before your eyes. The solid, liquid and gas.” Said Abaddon watching the pitch black smoke- Ra’s dark soul possessing Rigor’s soul. It crippled Rigor but he crawled struggling to seize the sword. Abaddon blocked him. Rigor couldn’t summon the flail. ‘Why?’ reckoned Daniela.
Then she saw the liquid running through a network of vein like lines on Rigor’s soul unlike the way Abaddon’s ore sifting Rigor’s soul.
“O my god! It’s the lost ichor brought by the black soul- blood!! Human blood!!” bellowed Daniela and barged rushing through the block of cleared souls. Too late Rigor’s soul was left inanimate falling to the ground. Abaddon melt being near the beaded sword. It couldn’t contain the power of life force. But what good it could do without its owner? Now that Rigor fell to being an uncleared soul and having a human blood. Daniela rushed to Rigor’s soul lying on the white sand. She watched the black soul as it dispossessed Rigor and reunited with the molten Abaddon which again resumed its humanoid form. Daniela hugged Rigor and tried reviving him. She kissed him and noticed the ashes lifting from Rigor. The ashes which the black soul had brought. ‘Why the ashes left? I myself is uncleared’ Then she felt the warmth within her and indeed it was the one bead of life force she got from Rigor. Looking up, Abaddon readied itself for another attack. From behind Abaddon, Daniela could see the still glowing sword stashed on the cumulus clouds. She felt the connection that bound between her one bead of life force to the flail or sword. Abaddon zoomed down toward Daniela as cleared souls took charge of Rigor. She stood still waiting for the anticipated attack. Abaddon attempted to snatch the one bead but it did made a hole on its hand. The one bead grew incandescent but the black soul disparaged it and kisses Daniela sucking the bead out from her. Daniela detested the kiss as it succumb her. She’s crippling from the kiss of death. She concentrated hard not to let go of her life force or she’ll die. Her soul was tormented from fighting against the black soul but she kept the one bead she had. Daniela’s unwilling soul of letting go of the life force had prompt the black soul to possess her but still failed to snatch or get rid of the one bead. She fainted lying down the sandy ground but the one bead incessantly glowing, effervescent against the ashen blood of the black soul; the human blood. Abaddon melt and let its ore sieve through Daniela’s soul. Abaddon felt nothing strange repossessing Daniela’s soul despite the one bead; nevertheless the warmth it felt was of the ore generating heat to become white hot. Abaddon and the black soul agreed that they succeeded imprecating the one bead soul to become their own just like what they did to the ichor converting it to human blood.
Amalgamated, the three entities ascent on Abaddon’s lead toward the sky; Daniela was aware her possessed soul was being dragged like marionette. She knew they’re up to amassing something like the red sand way back in the Middle East. Maybe it’s the white sand of the beach this time would bring devastation to all of doppelgangers.
Daniela observed undetected by shutting her soul off and let the life force perceived until she came to know the worst. The life force somehow became their own using it to work for them. The black soul dispossessed Daniela and Abaddon making her less aberrated. The black soul swirled around them and what Daniela feared the most about to happen again.
Indeed, the swirl spawned to an enormous whirlwind just like from the past whirlwind in Middle East which had remarkably put an end to ancient civilization. It remained whirling in place but was amassing the sulfuric ashes the volcanoes were issuing.

The whirling grew taller and stronger reaching the sky, clearing the space of nimbus clouds and made the whirling gone pitch black. The doppelganger community was once again threatened to be wiped out nevertheless they stayed resolute under the protection of the cleared souls. But the trauma of the past apocalyptic catastrophe was visibly seen in their eyes. Inside the protective blockade they waited.
At the pit of whirlwind, Daniela communed to Ra and the Council imploring aid for the danger the doppelganger community is into. Praying for help from the elementa goddesses, pleading Shu- the goddess air to summon all the impurities on the Earth’s atmosphere and let it settle on the exoplanets Oreco or Tio. She asked for Tefnut- the goddess water to let water precipitate and washed the nimbus clouds and the volcanoes of ashes and let acid rain flow to the ocean where it could be purified. Or Tefnut can let the earth into hibernation until Oreco’s core cease to generate heat. And let Geb- the goddess earth to fill all earth’s recesses and leave it forever sealed. She asked for Ra’s sun to come out and burned all of Abaddon’s manifestation to oblivion. She might sound absurd but all she wanted was a miracle. ‘But a miracle was beyond my control’, she thought. She never relied on something which yield no absolute result though she still believe in the Council and for that matter the Council relied and trust her from the beginning. ‘Yes, that’s it!!! No one will come to help but me!!!’ thought Daniela who was unaware of her Messiah complex personality.
‘First, make use of what’s around.’ She told herself and the sword came to mind. She still could see it half hidden beneath the cumulus clouds despite the whirlwind. Surprisingly, she felt the heat as the sword gone incandescent. The heat from within her!!! The heat from the one bead life force having connections with Rigor’s sword!! She closed her eyes and let the one bead life force perceived everything around. ‘This, I could take control of,’ she told herself. Then the one bead glowed incandescent and swirled within her. She opened her mouth and let the one bead settled on her palm. She never realized she still was inside Abaddon’s humanoid form. But Daniela didn’t get rid of it for a while, she had something in mind to make use of them as she always taught herself not to avoid the enemy but learned and make use of them because she believed it’s your loss if you let them vanished without using them against each other. Then a brilliant plan ignited. She went up the eye of whirlwind.

On top at the eye of the whirlwind, pseudo- Abaddon appeared. As it descent along the shore, the doppelgangers were hardly moving and breathing each holding an amulet which they knew could not save them but their faith to it had let them live. The cleared souls were their only protection that were then sealing the three kilometers stretch airtight. The cleared souls decided to lower the high walled mecca-like protection having the others transferred below for reinforcement. It then looked like a box within another box. This was enough for doppelgangers to hold on to their faith to Ra and the Council. As pseudo- Abaddon touched the white sandy ground, Daniela let these little crystalline sands- the fulgurite materials be blown like dust immiscible to the black powder. She had to make a drama believable.
Abaddon’s human followers lead by Bjorn knelt before it in reverence. Pseudo-Abaddon asked them to stand and summoned Bjorn and said something while Bjorn nodded in constant agreement. Then Bjorn went back to her fellow Abaddonist.
“Listen!!! Abaddon our Lord wants your help!!! Our Lord asks for a little favor. And he let me lead you to a task.” Said Bjorn in a loud commanding voice making sure her every word be heard. Bjorn felt privileged having been chosen a leader of these avid Abaddonist. It’s been long a wait to see their god of the other side.; the god of opposite, as they called Abaddon. They always believed in the power of the dark side as shown in their accouterments.
“Now is the time to show our devotion………..”
“What exactly are we to do?” said the one sporting mohawk with her hands akimbo feeling bored at Bjorn’s heroic stance. Bjorn annoyed being interrupted, she took time lighting her cigarette and exhaled smoke as if in exhaustion. Some in front beside the one mohawk threw her an askant look as if asking her to revere Bjorn, while the others at the back contented on throwing cigarette butts at her. Bjorn raised her hand signaling them to stop.
“Our Lord asks us for a great sacrifice. He wants us to fight against the soul guarding those people.” Said Bjorn aware of the confusion everyone had, however she continued “to do that we have to risk our life and offer our soul.” Said Bjorn looking around to see everyone looking at each other. “We are to use those metals and silver on our body. Accessories complete the clothes setting us, the non- conformists apart from the rest but they’re accessories no more. They’re an instrument for a suicide. Today, we decide to die!!! For the prize of immortality!!!” bellowed Bjorn snatching her silver necklace off her neck. Holding the skull pendant and pushed the axe planted on it, the jaw opened wide releasing a small Swiss knife. Bjorn held it up to cheering troops. “Those who doubt the promise don’t think of escaping. I should tell you, you’re left of no choice. Abaddon will come after you.”

The cheer grew louder holding their sharp accouterments up showing no doubt or fear. Bjorn gratified readied herself.
“Little tips, attack the organ vital to life. The heart, lungs……….”
“The brain is a short cut.” Interrupted the one gothic clad funky lad aiming his gun on his head. Everyone whistled in admiration and threw the sharp accessories in favor of the guns. Bjorn withdrew her gun from the holster and joined the fun.
“Share the gun when you’re done!!! On the count of three!!! We decide to die!!! One!!……. Two……… Three!!!………”
Slashing spurt bloods, stabbing lacerated the flesh and drained off blood. Guns shooting splattered the brain. Souls dispossessed leaving the flesh to waste. A massacre resulted from a deranged mind. Ending one’s life is the greatest aberration and deserved worst in the hereafter.
The tropical paradise was then covered in dull gray and black of ash fall. It’s as if a deep sorrow reign the once festive paradise. The doppelgangers saw themselves in the bodies of avid Abaddonist lain to waste in the sand. Some thought that maybe lost souls will come and repossessed these Abaddonist before Abaddon got them. Doppelgangers seemed to stay stucked in the unclaimed flesh. What was happening to their Egyptian Flesh? No one knew except Daniela and Rigor. The Doppelgangers felt grievous being stucked ungodly on other’s flesh. But the war was not over.
They were then seeing the Abaddonist souls swooshing up the sky on Bjorn’s lead. Upon reaching the strato- nimbus cloud, Bjorn signaled the congregation of souls to stop. Pseudo- Abaddon standing on the thin black cloud summoned Bjorn closer and instructed something for them to carry out. Bjorn submissively nodded and got back to the congregation.
“Everyone!! We are close to immortality unless we successfully carry out the last task. We are to finish those people below. And that could easily be done by attracting these ashes around. We are to station on all points and amass ash as much as we can to finish them. When done, we should get back together to where Abaddon our Lord is standing. Abaddon wants to meet us for the last instruction. Now go disperse!!!” bellowed Bjorn seeing them in all directions where there are ashes to amass. Having too much dregs in their soul acquired from suicide, some easily amassed the nimbus condensing it to black crude like plasma and became part of them sifting through their soul.

And they wandered the sky sucking the ashes from volcano like a sponge. It did not take long clearing the sky of ashes for there were thousands of Abaddonist obsessively carrying out the task. The sky was then full of pitch black entities, they themselves didn’t knew who’s who but pseudo Abaddon knew Bjorn still despite the blackness, summoning her to come near. Bjorn zoomed in a flash to the strato-nimbu, the last uncleared spot to where Abaddon was. But Bjorn was unaware of that, she didn’t even noticed she sucked it leaving pseudo- Abaddon hovering. She’s all into Abaddon amenable to its every word. Few nods of agreement, Bjorn let the congregation plummeting down to the Ring of Fire. On her lead, she designated groups to occupy each volcano. The Doppelgangers seeing them fall like debris of the last apocalyptic whirlwind. They panicked running around looking for their family members. They wanted to stay close together till the end.

Henrietta Tujico- the Queen having no family to run or look to stayed calm amidst the chaos. Her lips muttering but no words coming out. She’s pondering and was cut by the sand accidentally spraying in contact to her eyes.
In no time, volcanoes were spic and span of obsidians- the magma, lava and ashes but were still active. On Bjorn’s prerogative, Abaddonist went up elongated like pieces of logs. As they were told, they are to meet with the Lord Abaddon. Upon reaching, Abaddon summoned them closed sticking together around that they formed like a jagged vehicle’s wheel with pseudo- Abaddon on the center as a hole. Bjorn hugged Abaddon, and everyone else wanted to get close causing a stampede but the center where Abaddon was remained hollow. Then Bjorn being the closest to Abaddon noticed the lightning blindingly strike from Abaddon’s feet up to his head. Then an adamantine alloy molten to an ore and went effervescent and instantly calcinated to a minute granules hovering above the humanoid form. Then the lightning as Bjorn supposed it was, was actually a flail- the sword stashed on cumulus clouds, Bjorn wanted to scream and abort her order but she couldn’t, she wanted to go or order dispersion but she couldn’t for they were trapped. They were being deceived; too late to plan for an escape as the one bead life force touched the flail. The union surged powerful energy, more powerful than the volcanic eruptions of the entire Ring of Fire combined. The explosion created a powerful light reaching even the darkest side of Planet Earth and which made the people of the West Pacific Rim crouched for cover. The powerful light eliminated all of Abaddon’s traces on space as well as on grounds. The island paradise was back to its former allure as if the volcano never did erupt; the beachfront never did get contaminated; the sea was calm as if the halcyon had touched it; and its lush rainforest never spoilt.

Everyone felt relieved by the warm breezy air enveloping them as the cleared souls gave way for the doppelgangers out of the protective blockade which was then dismantled. Doppelgangers inhaled the air as if the acrid ash had never settled the Pacific air. Everyone was rejoicing for the new found freedom. The black locales- the Ati descent from their dwellings on mountains and celebrated the victor among the doppelgangers. Different tribes united in making fires and led the merrymaking through the night. The hotel’s clubs, bars, restaurants and spas were all joining the festivities for once again the island was alive and free from the threat of nature. The fun stopped at the break of dawn but the doppelgangers gathered on scribe’s request for them to go under clearing. With the scribes many population as Dianetics auditors and doppelganger’s cooperation on getting cleared, the sessions took only several hours and everyone was well.
Being healed, Henrietta- the Queen led everyone in revering Ra and the Council. They knelt and bowed their head to the sandy ground facing the east where the sun was slowly rising to the new morn. After the long prayer, Henrietta- the Queen recounted on her journey back then as everyone was eager to hear about.
“It was a difficult mission, but as you all knew me. My eyes are always on the prize.” She said to break the ice and everyone laughed recalling how she decided to marry the Roman Emperor for her Kingdom’s survival. “But do not thank me, all praise and honor goes to Daniela, my personal assistant and Rigor Sarco Piagu, my son. I undoubtedly say that Ra and the Council owed the two of the freedom we just have. I knew we will have our victory the moment Daniela sacrificed her soul. She bravely faces her fate allowing the black soul and Abaddon possessed her. I could not have done that, no one could. But she had used them wisely; my admiration goes to her when she’d deceived both the black soul and Abaddon. She played it well when she sent Bjorn, carrying out her plan of exterminating them. Upon having a bead of life force, she played tricks even I hardly noticed because one who had such power would simply display their powers, but Daniela and Rigor did not allow ego to rule them. The black soul had dispossessed Daniela and egoistically transformed itself to a humongous whirlwind, covering its cowardice on the fact it couldn’t overcome the power of one bead life force. Abaddon, however melt to ore attempting to escape the one bead life force which was quick calcinating it to a fine black granules. Daniela, instead of mercilessly throwing Abaddon to vanish, she had used it masking her soul. Abaddon being reduced to fine black granules, it became zero valence and went inactive and will never combined with other- be it elemental or celestial or spiritual. She then clothed her soul of black fine granules. I found it’s a great disguise though I thought she’ll fail when Bjorn had attracted all the thin line of clouds beneath Daniela’s feet. But they’re all fool and Daniela won. We won!!! We owe Daniela our freedom and Rigor who was tireless and going in the direction the Council had lain. He had our flesh prepared on our land. I, myself is a living witness of the struggle these two had gone through. They had suffered with you in mind.’ Said Henrietta looking around to see everyone in tears. She looked up to the east where the sun started to appear on the mountain ranges where lost souls hovered on its peak. The curse had been lifted from them having to possess the ashen filthy cadaver. They had all vanished together with the be winged tiyanaks and Aswangs.

“These lost souls are here to celebrate with us, our victory is their victory.” Said Henrietta waving her hands to them and lost souls waved back. The doppelgangers altogether waved their hands. Then sun rays lit Daniela lying serenely on a cottony clouds of immortelle blooms. Her flowing xanthine dress gracefully blown as lost souls swiftly glide toward Daniela, the two came hovering holding a wreath of immortelle and crowned Daniela on her lay. Then all the others came riding on a cloud of immortelle blooms giving their respect to Daniela. They are forever grateful to her and revered her as goddess who lifted the curse Abaddon had on them. Cherubs showered the land of immortelle petals proclaiming Daniela’s greatness as they cheerfully rode the floating clouds. The lovers enjoyed swinging on a vine full of immortelle blooms as its petals fell to the land and was never withering. The doppelgangers below caught the blooms which they kept to remind them of Daniela’s becoming an immortal. They looked up seeing souls blissful.
“They are waiting for us to leave their bodies and live in immortality. Are you ready for the life of the great? Well, I am.” Said Henrietta and thrilled to see a plume materializing on her hand. Then on her back chondrifying an appendage- a pair of wings. She flapped it wildly while others looked at her in admiration as she flew leaving. Then altogether the doppelgangers soon flew in all directions joining lost souls above in procession of floats.
The scribes- then followed in convoy to Rigor lying still on a white cottony clouds. It was a long procession of yellow and white floats. Then at the horizon, they vanished.

Continue Here…………….

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